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Omonia Nicosia FC VS Olympiakos Piraeus, home is possible

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    Omonia Nicosia FC VS Olympiakos Piraeus, home is possible
    Omonia Nicosia FC

    Omonia Nicosia soccer tip FC is one of the strong teams in Cyprus 1 Divisions, who ranked second in the league last season and qualified for the Champions League. However, the team did not perform very well in the Champions League. At present, all of the three games ended in draw. Their promotion was based on penalty kicks. In the first round against with Olympiakos Piraeus, the team lost 0-1at away.

    Olympiakos Piraeus

    Olympiakos Piraeusis a team of Greece National A, whose league is much higher than that of Omonia Nicosia FC. Up to now, the team have won all the two games of Greece National A. Besides, they also won the first round of Champions League. However, from the perspective of away games, Olympiakos Piraeusis has a trend of downturn recently, who have lost the last 2 away games.

    Data Analysis

    The two sides have met twice this year, but Omonia lost both at away. The handicap first odds was Olympiakos Piraeus -0.5 with low return. From the recent stats of the two teams, Omonia have had too many draws, while Olympiakos Piraeus has won 4 victories in a row. The handicap odds now has risen to -0.75 with high return. Now, Olympiakos is a hot team of promotion, tips free soccer and the pressure of the companies is too high once they win. So I think Omonia Nicosia FC at least have the chance of not losing this game.

    Picks: Omonia Nicosia FC +0.75

    Prediction: Olympiakos Piraeus wins/draw


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